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Toronto Comic Arts Festival!

It's take me ages to get to posting about TCAF! the festival itself was incredibly busy (so busy I only got to talk to a few people when I had intended to talk to a bunch of other cartoonists) and afterwards I really hit the ground running. 


TCAF was simply amazing. Maybe the best gathering of cartoonists I've ever been to. So much talent it's really overwhelming. And so much goodwill and kindness. I can't say enough good things about it. I signed at the Top shelf table, giving away Free Comic Book Day previews of Maddy Kettle and chatting with people who passed by my table. I was beside amazing cartoonists Nate Powell, Jess Fink, Kagan McLeod and Pete Sickman. The Top shel family are always wonderful to hang out with. 


I also had the privilege of being on a panel talking about kids graphic novels. I got to join Kazu Kibuishi, Raina Telgemeier, Britt Wilson, John Martz and Jason Caffoe to discuss our upcoming books and kids comics in general. It went great and the seats were full. 


I've said this numerous times but thank you so much to The Beguiling and everyone involved in TCAF, it is an amazing experience as both a creator and a fan of comic books. 


And I'm done with festivals for a bit! The next one will be SFX in Washington to launch Maddy Kettle!

A New Blog And A New Book!

Welcome to my new blog! It's a very good time to start fresh. I have my first graphic novel Maddy Kettle coming out in August from Top Shelf and am just starting my second one Bera The One Headed Troll with First Second. I'm hoping to chronicle both the release of Maddy and the creation of Bera here. I'll try to post fairly frequently and with lots of art. It's been hard to keep up on regular blogging with working on books, smaller contracts, commissions, not to mention two small children running around. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments etc. 

Bera The One Headed Troll

Bera The One Headed Troll

Maddy Kettle

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